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Our Mission

We Empower Organizations to Be the Best Version of Themselves by Providing Culture Data to Visualize and Predict Organizational Health

Our Story

Almost everyone has experienced toxic culture at some point in their career – whether in the form of narcissistic managers, inappropriate behavior, or by witnessing how a single decision can completely influence the perception and success of an organization.

In Autumn 2020, together with my partner Francesco Antonaci, I decided to solve this problem by developing a tool that eliminates biases and assumptions by providing data that empowers managers and employees to align their perceptions and expectations to avoid and counteract toxic company culture.

The inspiration came from the expression "being in the flow". "Flow" refers to the state of mind when a person, a team or an organization is completely immersed in an activity and is able to perform it effortlessly and successfully.

This is how FLOWLE | Culture Data was born and the first pilots with customers were successfully executed, proving that an organization becomes the best version of itself when culture, strategy and behavior are aligned.

Simply put: the company becomes a "FLOWLER".

We are proud of the innovative technology behind our tool and that it underlines our firm belief that a company's success is driven by its culture – culture that is shaped by artifacts, by behaviors, but first and foremost by the way people perceive it.

Fabrizio Turdo | Founder & CEO

Culture defines the success of a business.

We live this company philosophy and our values with full conviction every day, which is only possible because we all pull together.

Our unique working atmosphere allows our employees to grow with every challenge. We stick together and give our all to be the best version of ourselves.


With us, you have a team of highly qualified and talented professionals with character, experience and know-how at your side.

Our goal is to provide each client with the best possible service and the highest possible performance with a lasting effect.

Experienced Leadership

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