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The New Standard of Culture Analytics


Use Data to Manage Your Organizational Culture

Let Data Take Your Company Culture to Higher Grounds.

Empower your organization to be the best version of itself with data to visualize and predict organizational health.

Culture Analytics Modernization

FLOWLE – the 1st platform designed to manage organizational culture.

Versatility in Application

Culture data delivered in a blink, regardless of the complexity of an organization.

Data Science Acceleration

Data-backed statements about the efficiency of the current culture in the organization.

Full Customer Experience Service

A new, leading-edge technology that empowers our clients and provides a one-stop solution for culture management.

Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Reliability.

In today’s world, the organizational health of a company is more important than ever!
A strong company culture is a concrete competitive advantage and determines the success, sustainability and crisis resistance of an organization. However, culture is difficult to grasp and so far there has been no direct lever to steer it in one direction or the other…

Until now!


Our groundbreaking culture assessment tool FLOWLE makes it possible to actually measure company culture for the first time! This allows you to optimize it, manage it as you wish and use it as a strategic asset.

The tool provides insightful data and KPIs about your company culture that help you better understand the current dynamics of your organization and identify areas that require action. With the help of FLOWLE, you can anticipate and avoid potential cost traps, close perception gaps between management and staff, reduce employee turnover, and increase engagement and productivity.

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Are You Ready to Boost
Your Business Through Culture Data?

We empower you to decode your company culture so that you can model, steer and manage it as you wish.

Using your organization's visualized data sets and culture codes, you can easily identify where your culture is performing well and where there is room for improvement, as well as predict its organizational health.


Invest in the core of your business and create the culture that best supports your business strategy. FLOWLE helps you build a culture that drives your business forward!

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